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The format was Theros Beyond Death Draft, which nobody had played yet. It was even more special because the set we were playing with— Theros Beyond Death —had not yet been released, and we barely knew the cards! Venomous Hierophant is crucial if you want to play escape cards, and the escape mechanic is by far the best one in the set.

On top of it, Venomous Hierophant has a solid body, ready to fight with anything, as well as getting through the high toughness in this format Riptide Turtle above all, which is a perfectly fine playable in this set. Black pairs best with green, and this in fact was the combination that we found to be the most successful. It even buffs toughness, making it a truly outstanding card.

We started liking this card, and we ended up loving it. As a general rule remember that you need at least 3 sources to splash one card and 4 to splash two.

Prerelease: Theros Beyond Death

Flicker of Fate has been outstanding, and I want one in every white deck. Many of your creatures will qualify in this format, and this card can lead to very big blowout, way better than any normal combat trick. I am normally a hater of Auras, but in Theros Beyond Death there are plenty of Auras that are recurring, or have a good enters-the-battlefield effect, making the concept of an Aura card being bad pretty obsolete.

White has also the ability to go wide, with cards like Omen of the Sun and Reverent Hopliteand with anthems like Phalanx Tactics and Hero of the Pride. Red is a color capable of wearing multiple masks, and the one that can make a pretty pair with every single color.

МТГ Терос: За Порогом Смерти - Пререлизный Набор (MTG Theros: Beyond Death prerelease pack)

Also we discovered our love for Rage-Scarred Berserker especially when paired with this creature. This deck is a masterpiece, and this is why Lee Shi Tian is a master of the game. He stormed off with Hateful Eidolonhaving an insane amount of good cards with it. Portent of Betrayal is also excellent here. Last is blue, my least favorite color so far. I tried drafting a bunch of various blue control decks, but they all failed against the escape menace, whereas blue-white heroic was a solid strategy that I think will be the best way to maximize the color blue.

While Thirst is a very powerful common, I found the rest of the color to be shallow, and in particular weak to other grindy strategies in different colors. Whenever I tried to draft a control deck, Riptide Turtle and Deny the Divine shined and I was very happy with the first one against the various aggro decks green, red or white, as they rarely can overcome a 5-toughness blocker.

Skip to content. Lands 8 x Forest 8 x Swamp Buy This List. Lands 8 x Forest 7 x Plains Lands 9 x Plains 8 x Swamp Lands 9 x Swamp 8 x Mountain Lands 9 x Island 6 x Swamp 2 x Forest About The Author.And now. That can only mean one thing when it comes to Magic planes: we're on Theros!

Theros: Beyond Death PreRelease Guide

And it's going to be epic. You may have caught a glimpse of this floating around the internet. And if you haven't seen the trailer for Theros Beyond Death yet, check it out:.

prerelease mtg theros

I was here at Wizards when we worked on the first Theros set that came out 7 years ago—and so it's really meaningful to me to get to show off another! But you don't have to be a longtime player to enjoy it: whether you played Theros before or are coming to this world inspired by Greek myths for the first time, there's plenty here for you. The Prerelease is the time to celebrate and try out the new set before anybody else, sitting down and ripping open those brand-new booster packs with the resolve of a Theros hero.

You'll build a deck out of those packs, check out the format, and, of course, have fun along the way! No matter where in the world I am or what time of year it is, I always try and go check out a local Prerelease. And I'm not alone: tons of Magic players, from seasoned veterans to folks just starting out, do the same! Prereleases are among the most popular events we throw.

There's nothing quite like it. You get to sit down, pick up some brand-new cards, and figure out how you want to use them at the same time everybody else is. It's an even playing field in a casual environment, where everybody shares all that bubbling energy and excitement around a new Magic set!

I visited my first Prerelease when I was just eleven and instantly fell in love with the event.

prerelease mtg theros

Nineteen years later, not too much has changed—and Prereleases are better than ever! Prereleases are great because the set is totally new, the footing is fairly equal as everybody plays with the set for the very first time, and you're all just relaxing and having fun exploring the new cards. It's a lot of fun for old and new players alike! If you're a Sealed Deck veteran, you may want to skip ahead to the next section, where I talk about some of the differences you can expect at your local store for Theros Beyond Death.

But if you're new to the wide world of Sealed Deck, or are maybe just looking for a few extra pointers, then read on! All right. So, let's go over perhaps the most important part: finding a place to play a Prerelease!

After all, you can't very well play if you don't know where to go. How might you go about that?Throughout the tournament, I saw many people pump their heroic guys as early as they had the chance to.

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It makes sense, kind of. If you pump them early, you get to use the benefit for longer. The problem is that this turns your tricks into auras, and auras are bad, while tricks are good.

Most of the time, heroic should be a bonus, not the reason you are playing your spells though there are exceptions of course. Next time you think about targeting your guy with a combat trick, consider whether that trick is not more valuable if you use it to win a fight by surprise in a future turn, and chances are that it will be. You can even kill him twice, one in response to the other, getting both triggers if you so desire. I saw many people at the prerelease who had the opportunity to target their own heroic guys with removal spells for big blowouts but failed to do so.

Here, again, the key word is patience. In fact, if I had to choose a word to describe how to succeed in this format, it would be patience. I think we get too focused on what our game plan is, and we forget that our opponent is playing too.

Your opponent is not just a brick wall, he is going to have responses to what you do, so you should try to minimize the damage in case he has something as common as a bounce spell.

When you play a scry spell on turn three and you see your fifth land there, what do you do? For this reason, you should hold your scry cards for as long as you can afford to. At the end of the turn, the guy pondered which of the two spells he was going to use to get rid of it, and he chose the bounce spell—he wanted to scry 1.

Why did he so desperately want to scry 1?

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Because he had no play for the following turn. So, when we see that nothing is going to happen, we try to make it happen—but that is generally worse than just waiting. Even if you think you have nothing to learn from the FAQ, you should probably read it—you might be surprised. Did you know that you actually cannot play lands from it? So, read the FAQ! The set has a lot of powerful enchantments and artifacts, and countering them for only one mana seemed like a good deal.

And then you get a 1-forHi again! Usually I'm pretty manic when I write Prerelease Primers, but the start of a new block requires more information and less excitability. It's gonna be hard, though After watching her two previous adopted homes fall to evil, Elspeth Tirel, Planeswalker and knight-errant, sought a quiet place to rest, escape from constant conflict, and confer with the wisdom of the living gods of Theros.

Unfortunately for her, Elspeth has been thrown into the role of hero once more Before we delve into Theros the set and the wonders and challenges of the Hero's Path, as it begins in Theroslet me first make sure we're all on the same level playing ground when it comes to Prereleases and the Seeded Deck format. The first thing you need to do is find a store near you that is running a Prerelease; if that store takes preregistrations you should totally do it!

Prerelease events across the globe have been selling out, so it behooves you to preregister if your store allows! The main event at a Prerelease is the Seeded Deck tournament: open the packs provided five Theros booster packs and a seeded booster pack, explained below and build a forty-card deck from them, then play some Magic.

Finally, if you just can't read enough about Prereleases and want to explore Magic 's history while you're at it, you'd be hard-pressed to go wrong with Brian David-Marshall 's original " Prerelease Primer " from ten years ago! One of the exciting parts of writing Prerelease Primers is going over the new mechanics in a set!

If you want to know even more about these, make sure to check out the Theros Mechanics article and the Theros Release Notes. If a quick overview is all you crave, though, here you go:. A creature with bestow kinda works like an Equipment, in that if you cast one as an Aura it sticks around on the battlefield even if the creature it was attached to goes away.

prerelease mtg theros

You can also just cast it as a creature and skip the whole piggybacking as an Aura thing. You cast an enchantment creature with bestow as an Aura and attach it to another creature you control, which gets some spiffy bennie from that. But then oh waily waily your attached-to creature dies and Or Crab. Or whatever.

And visual protip: enchantment creatures in Theros have a sparkly starfield border most prominent above their type lines—and some of these have bestow! Whenever you cast a presumably beneficial but not always! Sometimes, you have enough mana to cast a cool creature and you're content with that. But forget just being content—hunger for more! Well, if your cool creature has the keyword action, "monstrosity," you can pump some mana into it and get more! You can only activate monstrosity once, but believe you me: once will almost certainly be enough.

Okay, you know how you have some permanents artifacts, creatures, enchantments, lands, and Planeswalkers on the battlefield? And some of those have colored mana symbols? Well, devotion cares about those mana symbols. Your devotion to a color is the number of mana symbols of that color that appears among all your permanents.Jump to navigation. We have made several changes to our normal event policies to ensure WPN members do not feel pressured to schedule events and can remain compliant with local health and safety guidelines.

Events reported during this period will never impact your play metrics or your product and promotion allocations. But even in regions where live events are available in EventLink and Wizards Event Reporter, this is not intended to encourage WPN members to run events.

Move through your entire allocation of product with ease by taking advantage of casual prereleases—otherwise known as a "Prerelease Party. You can host one Prerelease Party per day concurrent with the main Prerelease event. Prerelease Parties are Player List Only no rounds, no pairings, etc. They're meant as a more beginner-friendly experience, or as an option for players who can't do the main event.

Prerelease is the first opportunity for players to get their hands on a new Magic set. One week before launch, participating WPN locations host Sealed Deck events with a relaxed, celebratory atmosphere. Make sure to ration your Promo Packs to last all thirteen weeks. Friday Prerelease is back!

When you log in to WER to sign up for Prerelease do it today! Move through your entire allocation of product with ease by taking advantage of casual prereleases—otherwise known as "Prerelease Party. You can schedule one per day one Friday, one Saturday, one Sunday, concurrent with the main eventand they're Player List Only no rounds, no pairings, etc.

They're meant as a more beginner-friendly experience, an option for players who can't do the main event. You can schedule one per day one Saturday, one Sunday, concurrent with the main eventand they're Player List Only no rounds, no pairings, etc. They're meant as a more beginner-friendly experience, an option for players who can't do the main event, etc.

Theros Prerelease Primer

Prerelease Event. You must run a traditional Prerelease in order to run a Prerelease Party. Please note: You must run a traditional Prerelease in order to run a Prerelease Party. Select your language: English.In Theros, the pantheon of gods vies for undying devotion among their mortal subjects. But in the Underworld, there is only one master: the Lord of the Dead.

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Break free from death's shackles as a hero reborn. Choose your god and fight in their name Get 36 booster packs to build your collection or play with friends.

Each pack contains 15 cards and includes 1 rare or mythic rare. Buy Now on Amazon. Shop Local. New Set. New Challenge. Play the latest cards, build decks for any playstyle, and show off your skills.

PV’s Playhouse – Theros Prerelease

Rank up or play casual with friends! Play Free. The Deckbuilders Toolkit, Theme Boosters, and pre-built Planeswalker Decks are great tools to learn the basics and easy to pick up and play!

prerelease mtg theros

Shop on Amazon. Wizards may send me promotional emails and offers about Wizards' events, games, and services. Set Credits. Take part in events, make new friends, and find Theros Beyond Death products at a store near you.

Find Your Store. Out now! Play the new set in-person or on your PC and escape your fate. Shape Your Destiny. Sagas Return.Theros: Beyond Death is finally here!

The PreRelease is the most exciting time in Magic. You get to explore the frontiers of a new set, be the first one to pull off that combo that everyone is talking about, and crush your friends and get some packs. It can also be daunting to play with new cards for the first time.

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The most important thing to know going into a PreRelease is the themes and mechanics of the set. Once you know what the mechanics are you can figure out what is going on in a limited environment.

The second most important thing is to know what the color pairs are about. Your sealed deck will almost always be two colors and knowing what sort of strategies are supported can help you build your perfect deck from your pool. Theros is a traditionally a land of enchantments and this set is no exception. The returning constellation mechanic rewards you whenever you play an enchantment.

The effect that it gets you varies widely, the only thing tying these cards together is they trigger when an enchantment enters the battlefield. This means that if you have a powerful constellation trigger, such as Eutropia or Setessan Champion, you might consider playing some mopey enchantments to fill out your deck.

The rares and multicolored cards are the exception. For the most part, enchantments are plentiful and constellation triggers at common are mostly just and upside and not a gameplan. A lot of your creatures will be enchantments, a lot of the removal spells are also auras, and a lot of the sagas will probably make your deck if they are in the right colors as well.

This also works the other way. If you open some ways to kill enchantments those might be able to counter your opponents removal or kill their creatures and you should main deck them. You should be able to do that only playing powerful cards. Theros is a land of fickle gods who will only provide their blessing if you have some conviction. One from the Skirmisher and two from the Petitioner itself.

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Devotion rewards you for getting a lot of crap into play. From the other perspective, if you notice that your opponent refuses to block or attack if their stuff might die, they probably have something that cares about devotion.

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If you have one lean more heavily into that color. If you open an Erebos, try to build a mostly black deck and then patch up any holes with a support color. There are not a lot of cards that really pay you off for being devoted at common, but there are demi-gods and Gray Merchant at uncommon and Gods at mythic rare so keep your eyes out for those. The most complicated thing about devotion is the difference between abilities that check on resolution and mana abilities.

Keep in mind what kind of devotion cards your opponent has and if you should try to take your opponent off devotion preemptively or in response. There are some serious leaks going on. Escape cards can be cast from the graveyard by paying an amount of mana and exiling an amount of cards from your graveyard.

Escape is very powerful, you just straight up get your cards back at very little cost. The downside of escape is that it has diminishing returns. Its very hard to build an escape deck, because they are all competing for the same resource, cards in your graveyard.

Instead you should figure out which of your escape cards is the best for your deck and focus on those. Another drawback of escape is that it does not play well with the previous two mechanics. Escape wants you two do lots of trading with your creatures and cast lots of instants and sorceries that go to the graveyard right away. Constellation wants you to play a lot of a specific card type that is a permanent and not an instant or sorcery.

Devotion wants you to build up some followers and keep them in play, IE not in your graveyard. The fliers are also nice targets for some of the more powerful auras in the set, such as Commanding Presence. Temporary steal your creature effects plus sacrifice outlets is a combo every seasoned drafter knows.

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